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5 ways to start loving yourself

Updated: Aug 6

Everybody deserves to be loved, feel loved, give love, and receive love!

Let me repeat that again... Everybody including you!

Some say, there is no other feeling like love in the world, and the most effective at restoring #healing and nurturing the human #heart, #mind and #soul.

Many find loving others easy, so why is it, when it comes to ourselves, it is so much harder, and what exactly does this "loving yourself" actually mean?

The problem is, if we have not had the best of #relationships, #family, #friends, #partners, work collegues, often through no fault of our own, it has left an imprint, a mark , a scar, which can often run deep and to reverse that, to change that is hard, but not impossible!

We can #choose to be a victim of those things, of those people, or be a victor, a survivor who will thrive despite it.

Loving yourself, in the past, has often been defined as "selfish." So many have grown up thinking and being taught that to love yourself was selfish and we must always put others first.

The truth is, we are all equally important as each other, we all have a role to play, and somewhere there is someone who is looking to us for the same love that we crave, and maybe who we are responsible for.

Loving yourself, is not selfish it is an act of self care!

Just as you look after other peoples needs, it is maybe time for you to look after your own needs, including loving yourself!

5 Top tips

  1. What you tell yourself is important...

You are equally as important as anyone else. You deserve to feel loved, #loveyourself

If we are used to being told we are #worthless, not good, evil, lazy, ugly, fat, then it is time for a #rewire and realise this was a #reflection of that person and their #issues, and had no rite to speak to you like that! You are #worth more! Do not let their issues be your issues, that is their problem. If you have low self esteem because of some one else, it is time to restore that!

#Affirmations, are used as a way of telling ourselves new things. By #repeating this like a #mantra, after time, and if neccessary, more #work, they begin to #replace the negative words.

eg. Say to yourself .. I deserve better, I have needs, I want love, I am loving, I am kind.

2. Choose differently - make different life choices, that will not harm us..

#Listen to people who know us and love us,

#Trust our gut #instincts

#Betterjudgments, do not go against them.

#Redflags be aware of them, listen to them and take heed.

3. Look after yourself is loving yourself1 Just as you know how to take care of another, apply the same amount of care to yourself, make sure you eat, sleep, wash, exercise, have #playtime #downtime #friendstime (are the buts creeping in yet?) #connection with others.

The advert for "mars bar" ran their slogan "A mars a day helps you work rest and play"and sometimes our #lifebalance is weigh off....and the weights may need re-balancing.

4. Ask for help/receive help

Asking for help is not a sign of #weakness or #failure! We all have #limits and limitations. We do not have an endless amount of energy or #resources or knowledge, however when we allow others to help us, suddenly we are not alone!

Do not be proud or stubborn, and just as you give to others let others give back to you!

5. Celebrate - celebrate your small #wins, your small successes, every #step is a huge step, every #success is a huge success - now you can be proud!

We need to be less critical on ourselves, and #congratulate ourselves and give ourselves space and a break, because we are doing the best that we can with what we can!


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