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Learn how to reduce your anxieties with these 5 easy steps

Updated: Aug 6

If you are an anxiety sufferer, you will know there is nothing easy about a life with anxiety and often it can really ruin our lives preventing us from doing things and hold us back.

With a magic wand or a magic pill this can all be taken away and problems solved right?

Sadly no magic wand or a magic pill can make anxiety dissapear however we can get better at managing it and recognising it.

I do not believe in labels normally, however, recognising when our anxiety is at play can be useful in telling ourself what is happening when it creeps up.

By recognising what it is, we can then have a sense of peace of mind as we then process and begin self managing and self control.

Anxiety may #manifest itself in different ways so not one size fits all however common signs are hyper ventilating, #stuttering, unable to #think, #speak, rooted to the spot, #fear, shortness of breath, #irrational behavior, shouting and confusion.

There is often a #rootcause of it, which may not be known conciously, yet an incident or several has happened which may include #trauma that was enough to block these neuro path ways and thus anxiety happens as the brain is left saying it cannot handle with what it is presented with and get #triggered when mostly felt under #pressure.

Living with anxiety myself and helping others with anxiety, I have been able to help others, but as mentioned there is not always a quick fix.

It is always best to consult with the medical profession or get your needs assesed if you need medication to help you, or treatment including therapies.

There are things we can do to help ourselves that make a big difference.

#Relax Try to find ways to relax that works for you - for some it is music or meditation or going out or lying down and resting

  • #Breathing techniques - learning to control breathing will help to prevent hyperventilating. long slow inhales of breath are preferable, if not exhale and count initially to 1 - 10 slowly or more if neccessary.

  • #Exercise when you are able even if it is a small amount but regular exericise helps with blood flow, energy levels and releases chemicals to the brain. find exercise that works for you that you actually will enjoy and like. Little and often is better than none at all.

  • #Eat healthy - they say, we are what we eat, so when we eat rubbish we tend to feel rubbish, junk food is often filled with unhealthy sugars, too much salt and the wrong food could cause furher health problems. #Healthy food does not have to be boring! I have connections to many great nutritionists and health coaches.

  • #Sleep - Give yourself #permission to sleep when you need to if and when you can. If this means #naps or early bed times then listen to your body when it gets #tired. We may need to limit social media. If you are someone who struggles to get to sleep or who has poor sleep there are things you can try such as #meditations, #hypnotherapy, #aromatherapy, salt lamps and certain #medications in cases.

  • #journalling or keep a diary or blog - writing therapy might not work for some, but you can also #draw or make things, but this a #creativesolution to allow for #expressions of #communication to help calm the mind but also allow the mind to process or free itself of excess energy of #thoughts.

Anxiety does not have to rule your life and there is lots of help avalable out there.

For more help and support with any of the above get in touch or book a session with me.

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