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Updated: Aug 16

New Chapters

Sometimes when we read books we can be sad, that it finishes. Sometimes we are glad that it has come to an end.

Our lives, however, are not books that we can pick up, put down when we like. We cannot just leave and forget about if we so choose.

Instead, our lives are our living testimonies, live stories with events, circumstances, and many changes.

The lead character is ourselves, sometimes the hero or heroine, or sometimes the victim.

We are like the director of a film. The film is our life story – just how will it be written? How will it be performed? will people be interested?

Not only are we the actors and actresses, but we are also our own audience as we watch our life play out.


I always fancied having this title one day.. “Director” of my own business but NEWSFLASH we are the directors of our own life!

Need more clarity?

How often do we end up losing our selves because we have listened to lots of people? We have put other people's voices louder than our own inner wants and needs. We like to please because we like to make others happy. Sadly at the same time, over time, made ourselves unhappy!

As the players, we have been played. Others have directed what should have been our swansong, our show. Others have gained the applause from our work or taken the credit. We were left backstage at our own show, working hard behind the scenes, yet not being seen or heard. We may not have asked for the limelight nor wanted it, yet some small recognition would have been nice. Instead, even this token was taken away from us.


So now we sit up eager for things to change. What must be done in order to see this change?

This takes thought and action, not procrastination!

· what things do we not like/want in our life – this will help us define what we do.

· who is helping us or hindering us – gatekeepers, key masters, you will find these.

· what do I now need to get me where I want – resources, planning, mentors,

· what do I need to sustain me when me I am struggling – my reason for trying (my why)


Time to put the pedal to the metal. Go go go. start start start…. and do it with all your heart.

If you need help, I am but a message, an email away.

Peace and blessings on you.

Your Peace of Mind Coach.

Steven Alexander.

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