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Shed x - Time for transformation

The transformation part you may get, but what about the shed x?

Are you a dreamer? do you dream of a better life?

Have you ever had a vision or been known to #daydream or had dreams come true?

Do you experience #dejavu a lot?

Welcome to my site, my name is Steven Alexander and I am a #dreamer, a #creator a #visionary and help others do the same.

I help people go through times of #change in their life which they may be #struggling with or finding it hard to #letgo, #moveon, or come to terms with, which fits in with this blog today.

The other day I had a #vision of a snake shedding its' skin.

Usually, I have to wait sometime before I understand these, but they usually repeat in different forms.

I have been meaning to remove my duvet as it is too thick but had not got round to it, but as I lay there the cover had come right off and looked like a snake shedding its skin. I later saw on the same day, a picture of someone holding a snake.

When we go through periods of change in our life, it will be like a snake shedding its skin as we outgrow the old and bring in the new.

Time to shed what it is not good for us

Daily we are shedding skin cells, but during these certain times of change, the "shedding" or "change" is bigger, harder, and can be more confusing, but necessary, as we remove what it is not good for us, what is not serving a purpose, what is keeping us stuck or not moving us forward.

We must go through through this period which can be emotional, painful, hard, at first as we try and keep hold of things out of #fear of the #unknown but break through this, deal with the emotions and we will find #breakthroughs and #freedom and we will feel lighter than we have ever felt.

Imagine holding great big items of heavy life luggage you have been carrying around for years weighing you down, heavy heavy, so heavy, but now you place these down...

No longer needed. No longer do you need them in your life.

Imagine that pain going, going just slipping away, slipping off you, as you let go, as you release the anger, hurt, betrayal, more emotions you have been holding on to, release it all, every last bit that's been holding you back, feel that weight being lifted from you, removed, taken from you. You will be able to breathe again, think again, live!

Time to embrace a new you, or a new old you!

It is time to discover this new sense of you and if you want help at any point, any step, I am at your service.

Happy Transforming and do not forget to love yourself and take care of yourself x, shed, and x, shedx.

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